We must take care of a pregnant woman

A pregnant woman that prepares its own wedding is a real strong mother to be!

Every day is a Mother’s Day

pregnant bride careness

The special the Wedding Day is the memorabler it will be!

Hello Bride! Are you pregnant and organizing your wedding?

I put in your shoes and I can imagine the hard work you afford like climbing a mountain when planning and organizing your own wedding day. I know by myself what I am talking about and I assure that a pregnant bride can do it by herself. But also the best relax gained is must required.

Women like us are used to get the commands when organizing our own wedding and so many things in life. And if we decide to take this tasks being pregnant, the better information, suport and references, the welcomer they will be for you.

You are going to spend months of your valuable time and energies to be waste in a just a fast one day. The events happen very quickly the day you marry.

I got married pregnant and meanwhile I organized the even I found a lack of information, support or stories and experiences told. So that post goes for women in the same situation like me. Now I would transmit my experience in wedding organizing for those who pregnantly are going to get married.

My experience as a pregnant bride is listing it all!!

Of course you can take the services of a wedding planer and let all tasks on his or her hands. However I now foccus on that woman who want a unique DIY wedding, the outcome of its idea and hands (plus the pocket:)

We hen we are pregnant all spheres take another dimensions such as our feelings, emotions, hormones, relations, moods and so… Your wedding is not much traditional! And you can fall exhausted.

pregnant bride careness

The first pregnant starting list:

  1. To choose The day
  2. To communicate it and How to do it. By sending the traditional invitations?
  3. Choosing the meals… The pros and cons from the point of view of a pregnant woman!
  4. Organizing people and… tables? Are they classic, appropriate?
  5. Emotions!!! Prepare memorable moments to remember. And cry…
  6. Photographers, bloggers…
  7. Dj and special songs
  8. Emotions emerging again (from Bride… She’s pregnant!! And will be getting married already)
  9. Outfits for groom
  10. Accordingly to the bride
  11. The bride bouquet and other and what kind of flowers describe the love she feels and whatever for decorating
  12. The bride dresses
  13. The bride shoes
  14. Bride jewels
  15. The groom’s suit, shoes, accessories…

Wait! Here we are talking about the Bride!

Today, The Pregnant Bride!

Because her emotions are in continuous changing, her weight it’s a characteristic to have in mind. She can feel tired 2 hours after being started the day… Normally out of the blue, she can feel asleep without no apparent reason. Or may be she desires to eat strawberries… So that, every detail counts ever more than an “conventional” Bride to get married.

strawberry pregnant bride careness

Let’s to make a second list of things to help the pregnant Bride:

  1. A bride maid(s). Minimum one.
  2. The venue. Avoid stairs, having a private suite with all facilities provided.
  3. The leith motive. Every wedding has its own personality like its protagonists.
  4. The atrezzo. Selfies are almost even more important than the photo book (not for the wedding man and woman)
  5. Make up a comfortable and inspiring ambient that pulls people taking pics and just feeling they are in a party nor in a wedding… Despite they all must know that’s a wedding.
  6. The weather forecast
  7. The b plan, and c
  8. The after party. People never want to end the party. Isn’t it?!
  9. The complements
  10. The presents for guests
  11. Emotions again
  12. The wedding night <3
  13. The accommodations. The Hotel. Here is when a pregnant Bride will be grateful. She needs to rest comfortably. At least on a bed 1,8 per 2 m. With pillow list...
  14. The honey journey with meals appropriate for her…
  15. Destinations that invite to relax, to have a nice stance with body treatments for pregnant women.
  16. …. And the circle starts again.

big bed pregnant bride careless