Hola, hoy hago exctracto en español y cuerpo en inglés porqué hasta ahora no había explicado el por que de mi calendario benéfico en lengua anglolatina para mis lectores de todo el mundo. Y la razón es simple y sencilla, es por mi recaída en la enfermedad del cáncer de cervix. Por esto hago el calendario benéfico, el cual saldrá a la venta el día 22 de diciembre. Y el post lo escribo 2 horas antes de meterme en un TAC con contraste yodado al que reacciono con alergia. Pero es que el Relapse, (recaída) no me frena jamás. Las fotos que hoy os enseño pertenecen a la foto elejida para el mes de marzo. Cuando espero ver flores y tulipanes abrirse.

Relapse on cervix cancer desease


Today is not an ugly day, but two or three weeks ago, on the same day, Thursday, when Doctors told me I’ve reincidenced on cervix cancer disease. That surprise me as well as the doctors, because last year I was operated and healed. But like these buckles that go repeating until you fins your inner solution, that relapse won’t stop me.

I go through and fight for (not against) success. And that theme, that issue isn’t an exception. Even the relapse is repeating every year, instead of whatever literature I can ever read.


Just say that I am not afraid, but I prepared a non-profit product to give the 10% of the benefits to the most important Cervix Cancer Illness Research Institution that I consider according to my case. I am going to tell you on 15 Th. December. I am looking for the most unusual like I am. Aren’t I?

Because it’s known that I am a particular… Cartoon, person or just people? Someone can hate me for what I am or and what I am doing, and someone else would love me for the same reason. So what? I don’t care. I live more from the haters (if you will excuse me, my loved followers).

Relapse in many different things or aspects in my life, today

Here, today, I am exposed to a very danger and intrusive probe that I’d manifested allergy before. And despite I toke on time my prevention medicine, I am afraid to do that. But a relapse won’t stops me, never. Even when a thirty part only survive with cancer relapse of that variety.


Here I want to show to you a photo book from my beneficial calendar. That series corresponds to the March 2017 month. Of curse, in order to choose the best shoot, several pics have to be chosen and a lot of that taken.

And going to the final, just say that these pics were taken after an anatomic probe that Doctors effectuate me. What was so hurting, without any anaesthesic. I can confirm I saw until the seventh sky. And then when I left the hospital, I took wanted to continue the plans like my mental schedule as if nothing where happened.

These pics were taken that day with my two.. And with my soul mate, my designer, my photographer and my best friend. I love you @AlbaLah. And thank you for being there, that day and every day.


There are many things that is repeating like a buckle, but the relapse never stops me.

Finally, just say that you can help me as well by buying the beneficial calendar and the different pics, because a part of my illness I am decided to stay doing and going ahead with my job. I hope you like and appreciate that work.