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Yesterday I posted in Spanish V.O the benefits of being protected from the sun and having good skincare treatments when you go on your holidays and every 365 days of the year. Please remember the best memories and don’t allow your skin does it for you, using sunscreen 50+ SFP.

Today I post a vídeo tutorial on YouTube in Spain and English V.O. It longs 3,5 minutes. On the 1,46 minutes E. V starts.

Sunscreen anti-dark spots 365 days

I recommend also to use the anti-dark sports scurb Bgel, combined with the chock treatment with hyaluronic acid called bio10 anti-dark spots from Bella Aurora. And in 6 weeks the darks fade away notably, in the mesure of the possible and considering the cause’s spot.

There are a several reasons for having those spots: medicines, pregnancy, hormonal changes, and not having been using sunscreen protection.

Just remember that skin has memory also and every time we didn’t take care of it or we have passed for a surgery or pregnancy, being medicalized or so… That could make appear dark-spots in the face as me. If you appreciated on the video.

protección solar SPF 50 pantalla completa bella aurora anti manchas

protección solar SPF 50 pantalla completa bella aurora anti manchas sunscreen

So I truly recommend to you to use daily the sunscreen fluid anti-dark spots with very high protection (50+) from the Bella Aurora new line. And even more if you are going to do your holidays where the sun and its UVA, UVB and IR waves go hardly downward to the Earth and our bodies and skin.

You can find those products in your nearest pharmacy. And much more probably if you are on the beach.

So let your memories for your brain and have a porcelain look like sin meanwhile you are branched and stunning!

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protección solar bella aurora

sunscreen Bella Autora #miveranobellaaurora

protección solar anti manchas bella autora

Happy holidays!!
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