The thights that plays the role much important in all looks and options below. Sometimes details and accessories turn into a must have and nothing else matters, if we are the focus of the attention.
Three women, three characters, three lovely stylish in one. That I’m inspired on Blair Waldrof, a character, the protagonist of a soap opera, is not a secret. Just it’s necessary to read the URL of my blog. That’s one of the great sentences of her. However she and her look was inspired in Olivia Palermo, a it girl, but a real person, and also from a fiction character’s style, Holly Golightly directed by Eric Daman.

I finally, following their steps, I found “The tights of our lives”.


The tights that capture all the eye shots. Sometimes thights are only one accessory of the outfit and makes the look success. 
In those looks the same thights plays much more than the clothes by themselves. 

Obviously these thights are the maximum expression of femininity. Its lace sublimates the legs of the woman and makes her to be desirable.

Here I’m talking about the thights that Miss. Queen, Blair Waldrof wears in Gossip Girl soap opera. Since I have seen them, I always I wanted one mine pair. 

And I actually feel like Queen B wearing these gorgeous and elegant thighs. I like combined with cocktail dresses and dairy outfits and also with skirts and shorts like Olivia Palermo does. 



Cristina Espona.