Hello Wedding Lovers!!

Once upon a time there was a couple very closed in love. However like a fairytale they didn’t end up their love history with a wedding ring in their fingers. Today I write about the wedding rings and engagement as well, thinking in one of these stories that happen before of getting engaged or even more, married, that could have both endings the happiest we ever imagine or an open one…

Sometimes affectionate feelings aren’t enough to give this important step that become a wedding. It’s required more ingredients like kisses, hugs, illusions, passion, comprehension, and also ideas, expressed into words.Words of love intentions. Because if we don’t communicate what it is inside us, nobody knows what we think. Neither our couple. So the lack of communication doesn’t allow to aline the objectives of two people person that presumably are together for a long time for building their own world. By speaking people are understood. I think things happen in life and we must be tolerant it for instance if we want to save our love. Everything is possible to exist and that should be told to our couple in order to grow the knowledge of everyone. And I know that to say magic words can overcome any difficulty in a relationship and make it succeed, finally ending in a wedding if both parts are on the same line.

Love + Herzen

Is it possible that the most important thing in the world for everyone is to know that we are loved for other? And in addition, for our loved one?  Love is the most important value for those lovers who are corresponded. They know nobody and nothing in the world could replace them. They love each other and desire to stay together, because their love is their home, their warm, their life. To Love and to be loved is the point of that post such as the pleasant and the possible consequences of being in love too!!!

When this initial but crucial step is successfully overcome and no one can interrupt this chemical, rational, and crazy passion… And love grows up more and more every day… And there is no opposition, no reason for split up and go separately but the opposite, the cuple is considering as one… So then here comes the magic moment when one of them say deeply and sincerely 3 words, 8 letters… And make 1 Question, The Question. And the other one realizes that both of them are in the same place, in the same position, waiting for the same expectations, working together for the same project and for being together walking in the same path.

Who recieve this 3 words, 8 letters plus The Question (what was expected for both because it’s a corresponding shape), then he or she can respond “I am yours”. Real love is as simple as it’s written in these lines. 



Chopardisimo Wedding Ring with diamonds and 18k gold.


Chopardissimo Wedding Ring with 18K rose gold

The next scene is when romanticism arouses and one part of the couple gives a present to the another one in the name of love, representing the value of his or her intentions. Sometimes accompanied with a heartfelt declaration the engagement  ring is offered to the bride to be. One symbol that has no rules. It’s possible the girl makes a declaration to her loved one too or so. However the ring significance is a proof. I mean it gives to the couple One change to formulate the first most important question to make evidence their love relationship. A compromise is coming around and a marriage too!!!


Timeless Chopard Wedding Ring


Timeless Chopard Wedding Ring

Some people felt sometime this authentic feeling. The fuel of a love relationship. The amazing grace that’s coming up and bless the couple. That feeling that most of us want to have and feed with that special person. However sometimes that feeling is so big that is possible to feel confusion and fear. Fear… Insecurities. Limitations of life. In my opinion people scared by the idea to lose that love, rather than to stay with the loved one for life. For that reason those who feel lost in that strong and powerful feeling avoid making The Question in every way they can despite they would stay together. They do it even causing to themselfs and to  their loved one unnecessary hurtful and suffering. But coming back to the point of the significance of that symbol proof, the authentic loves will overcome that and much more!

So What is That Question? The authentic strong couples are ensured for their feeling that’s shared by each other. And they decide to make they strings stronger and announce it officially with loud voice to the world:  “I am yours. And I always be. Please… Will you marry me?


Timeless Chopard Wedding Ring for her with diamonds


Timeless Chopard Wedding Ring for him with diamonds

For me that’s the best question one can be asked for, in an authentic love affair such as happens in soap operas and movies. Beacause in my opinion being able and brave enought to formulate that Question to the person who we love is the most love demonstration that one can do. One simply and pure action that requires to be ready, assertive, selfconfident and to feel a huge love for the loved one.


Timeless Chopard Wedding Ring with Diamonds for him


Timeless Chopard Wedding Ring with diamonds for her



The better question it is, the better answer to expectate for…

And Finally this love storytelling ends like this:

Because… I want to being with you. Not stay near you but tacking your hand and walk together, with no fear like when I am home. Because… You are my home. No matter wherever we are, with you I go to the end of the world. Only you and me. And nothing else matter. Because… I just want to catch this train despite I don’t know where it brings, if it’s with you, because we’ll be together. Because…




Gossip Girl 3 words, 8 letters game

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